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I'm glad you're here.
Eat some cookies and enjoy some cartoons.

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The rules of my page (2nd edition)
Since some of you trolls don't seem to get it then I guess I will just have to tell you in the clearist and most easy terms. PLEASE OBSERVE:
1.] No bad language (swearing, cussing, german, offensive stuff, basically troll language)
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A Pilgrim in the Court of the Crimson King Part IV
The Key-Keeper brought me to a set of stairs leading up to one of the higher platforms. As we began to mount them, we met a large, muscular man coming down, his booted steps heavy on the wooden treads.
He was bald, and his skin was the colour of dark, polished wood, a deep and warm brown. He wore no shirt, but a great belt with a brass buckle, rough and discoloured trousers and a pair of heavy leather boots. In his hand was a long staff, rich with carved ornaments. Areas of his skin were covered in pure white paint, picking out swirling decorative patterns.
"Who's this you have with you?" he asked the Key-Keeper without preamble.
"A pilgrim, sir," the small man answered. "Just arrived, sir."
The painted man looked at me, calculating. "Welcome," he finally said. "I am Magnus, whom men call the Patterned Juggler, Master of Revels and Royal Musician to his Majesty. The Te Deum is about to be played, Master Pilgrim. It would please me and my musicians greatly if you would care to listen."
:icon4scarface4:4ScarfAce4 3 8
A Pilgrim in the Court of the Crimson King, Part I
The door was small, rectangular and wooden. It was set in the city wall and had an iron knocker at its centre. When I knocked, the sound echoed off the wall and rang out loudly down the valley.
Time passed. I stood before the door, expectant, wondering what would be inside; for I had heard many stories of this place, tales of splendor and wonder and marvels.
At length, the door swung open and I saw, inside, a little man wearing a grubby brown leather apron. He had hardly any hair on his head, but a long grey beard. In his wrinkled hand was an iron ring with several keys jangling on it. This was the Key-Keeper of the City.
"Well, well!" he exclaimed, seeing me. "A pilgrim, a pilgrim! It's been long since I last opened this door."
"Thank you," I said, entering.
"The City Gates," said the Key-Keeper, "them I've given up hope of ever opening again. But day by day I've waited by the Pilgrim's Door, and now I've waited my fill. What have you come for, my boy?"
"I..." I began, and realized th
:icon4scarface4:4ScarfAce4 5 0
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well guys, I guess I dropped the ball this year on the whole inktober thingtober. at least, i thinktober.
I know that for a lot of you, it's the only thingtober that you really have to look forward to every year, so I apologise for that. you'll just have to hang on the edge of your seat until ink month, two-thousand and seventeen. but hopefully some drawings in between. 

bird up,

the cockerel vagabond
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hopelessly in love with a tea ghost :iconstarbitzx:


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Thank you for the :+fav:!!! :hug:
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HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm 12 days late (whooohoo record). :iconfinallyplz:

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Keep living. HAHAHA What a message to say. Keep having birthdays! Living is such a big word and you should keep living because life ain't all about just breathing and surviving around. haha I made this without a mouse and that's the only redeeming point. :icondignitylaughplz: (Save my soul) I should learn more on mouseless drawing.

Hobo-Rooster Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hahaha! aww i knew something was missing this year... my sankoi drawing!!! i love it, haha
it's difficult to go mouseless when that's what you're used to! i'm better with a mouse, as well.
thanks old friend, means a lot. i agree that every day should be celebrated :) hope you're well!!
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